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TL;DR Others suck, we can do it better.

Why to create another ORM? There are not enough ORM implementations for PHP already?

Yes, there are a lot of implementations:

This implementation will have the following features:

How to achieve this features? The main goal of Doctrine seems to abstract everything - at the end you should be able to replace the whole DBMS behind your app and switch from postgresql to sqlite. That requires not only a lot of sources. It also requires some extra cycles to get these abstraction to work.

This library will only produce ANSI-SQL that every SQL database should understand. Other queries have to be written by hand. This has two reasons:

  1. You can write much faster and efficient queries
  2. We don’t need to write a lot of abstraction (more code; more bugs)

This library will not fetch any mistake a developer can make. It aims to be a helper to store data in your database. Not to replace your database and your knowledge how to use this database. You can make a lot of errors - less than without this library but still a lot. When you make an error that is not catched (mostly we catch only mistakes that would cause a fatal error instead) you will get a PDOException.